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Why DC?

The power grid is full

In a world where we are increasingly relying on electricity, we are also becoming more dependent on the availability of this energy source. At the moment, many electricity networks are under great pressure due to the rapid increase in the number of electrical users and energy generating technology such as solar panels and wind energy. Because the demand for electricity has exceeded the capacity of the existing AC (alternating current) grid, an imbalance is created. This is also known as grid congestion. A second, local grid powered by direct current is a reliable and sustainable solution for this issue.

Microgrid as a solution for grid congestion

Due to grid congestion more and more energy users are unable to access the electricity they need or feed back into the grid in order to reduce their electricity bill. This hinders the growth of businesses and investments in alternative energy sources. To combat grid congestion, microgrids are being used. A microgrid is a local (micro) energy network. In these microgrids, energy flows are managed and limited in a smart way, making them ideal for use as a supplementary network. The so called second grid.

How a microgrid works

In microgrids, renewable energy sources are used, such as solar panels. The generated energy is fed into the microgrid and stored in batteries: the BESS (Battery Energy Storage System). A microgrid with a BESS enables smart energy consumption. If a lot of power is generated, for example, with a PV installation and little power is demanded by the users, the energy can be stored in the BESS. If little power is generated (in the winter or at night) while there is still demand from the users, the BESS can supply the power needed. A smart solution indeed.

Why use a DC microgrid?

The Ei•dcgrid operates entirely on direct current (DC). Unlike AC/DC grids where alternating current (AC) is converted to direct current (DC), there are no conversion losses in the DC microgrid. By keeping the grid on DC, this alone provides an energy efficiency gain of approximately 15%, resulting in a reduction in the electricity bill. However, often this energy efficiency advantage is even significantly higher, as in current electricity networks, approximately 70% is converted from AC to DC. Furthermore, the DC grid is independent of the traditional grid operator. Take control of your own energy!


Benificial for transport

Direct current is very beneficial for transporting energy over long distances because there is no frequency (Hz) present. This results in no voltage losses over long distances, allowing for the transportation of more power through a thinner conductor.

Less cabling

Direct current can be introduced at multiple points in the installation. Thus much less wiring - and therefore copper - needs to be used. This saving can amount to 35%. Additionally, this results in a significant saving in installation time.


Harnessing kinetic energy

Direct current has the ability to return the braking energy of machine motors (robots, CNC) back to the installation thanks to bidirectional converters. This energy can be reused by other consumers.


Less heat dissipation

Direct current provides a saving on the CO2 footprint. All AC/DC converters generate heat, as in - for example - computers in data centers. This heat needs to be cooled. With DC distribution, this conversion is eliminated and heat dissipation will decrease.

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Want to learn more about the possibilities of your own DC microgrid?

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Reliable and sustainable direct current microgrid solutions for a changing energy landscape.

Ei•dcgrid is Current/OS compliant

The DC microgrid of Elektro Internationaal follows the open protocol for direct current applications.

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