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Elektro internationaal dc grid 05

Our dcgrid solution for the industry

Elektro Internationaal 20231364 Beelden DC grid solutions industrie

Ei•dcgrid for industry

1. Ei•dcbox

  • Fully equipped container that complies with the current applicable PGS37-1 standard.
  • Bi-directional AC/DC inverter AFE & BESS.
  • AFE connects to the AC main distributor in the building.
  • Feed-in to the AC grid allowing the BESS to serve as emergency power supply.
  • Easily scalable for future growth.

2. DC backbone

  • Various energy sources and DC consumers are connected to the backbone.
  • Consists of cable or Canalis busbar with distribution boxes.
  • Backbone saves 50% installation time compared to AC solution.

3. Renewables

  • Unlimited installation of PV panels.
  • Solar energy from PV panels.
  • Wind energy from wind turbines.
  • Energy recovery from your DC motors.

4. DC in your factory

  • Power supply of your process installation on DC.
  • Connection of machines and motors to DC grid.
  • Regenerative energy from the DC motors.
  • IT/server room and data network on DC.

5. Charging plaza

  • Extra PV panels for extra yield / canopies provide shade for parked EVs.
  • DC/DC EV chargers with various capacities (11kW/22kW)
  • DC charging for trucks and forklifts.
  • V2G ready. Car battery as energy source.
  • Street lighting parking lot on DC ring.

The main benefits of Ei•dcgrid for industry

Icoon netwerk reductie

Up to 50% reduction in grid connection

By calculating the system status and battery capacity based on weather forecast.
Icoon besparing

10% to 15% energy savings

By reducing AC > DC conversion losses and storage in the off-peak rate.
Icoon noodstroom bron

Emergency power source

Battery in the DC grid can serve as an emergency power source for the AC building.
Elektro internationaal dc grid 06

Want to learn more about the possibilities of your own DC microgrid?

LOGO Ei dcgrid diap

Reliable and sustainable direct current microgrid solutions for a changing energy landscape.

Ei•dcgrid is Current/OS compliant

The DC microgrid of Elektro Internationaal follows the open protocol for direct current applications.

Ei•dcgrid is powered by

Elektro Internationaal B.V.
Pompmolenlaan 17
3447 GK  Woerden
The Netherlands

+31 348 420540

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