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Elektro internationaal dc grid 01

Elektro Internationaal

a reliable partner in a changing energy landscape

Trust is crucial

Amidst this energy transformation, solution providers selling renewables, battery storage, and microgrids, seem to suddenly be everywhere. Therefore, it is crucial to be able to rely on the safety, reliability, and future-proofness of the solutions offered. As an energy user, you deserve a partner who fulfills all these promises and whom you can trust. That partner is Elektro Internationaal.


45 years of
knowledge and experience


Over 90 dedicated


100% reliable

Why elektro

Not just any provider of DC microgrids

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At Elektro Internationaal, we understand the challenges of the dynamic energy market like no other. With 45 years of expertise in traditional energy distribution, we are a reliable guide in this rapidly evolving world. Our organization guarantees quality, safety, and innovation in energy distribution. Our close collaboration with renowned manufacturer Schneider Electric and direct current specialist DC Systems results in direct current products that are not only well thought out, but also rooted in deep knowledge and experience from trusted industry partners.

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Future-proof DC systems

At Elektro Internationaal, we believe in a sustainable future, and we strive to provide our customers with high-quality energy solutions that not only meet current needs but also anticipate the challenges of tomorrow. With the energy transition in full swing, we are building together a reliable and sustainable energy infrastructure for the coming decades, in which Direct Current (DC) will play a key role.
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Current/OS compliant

The Ei•dcgrid is Current/OS compliant. The Current/OS foundation aims to promote the application of direct current. The foundation provides and develops an OPEN standard system for DC distribution to offer manufacturers a protocol for compatibility of produced DC components, devices, and systems. The foundation's goal is to improve the resilience, sustainability, and safety of energy distribution and support the energy transition.

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Want to learn more about the possibilities of your own DC microgrid?

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Reliable and sustainable direct current microgrid solutions for a changing energy landscape.

Ei•dcgrid is Current/OS compliant

The DC microgrid of Elektro Internationaal follows the open protocol for direct current applications.

Ei•dcgrid is powered by

Elektro Internationaal B.V.
Pompmolenlaan 17
3447 GK  Woerden
The Netherlands

+31 348 420540

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